Automated Analysis and Documentation of Machine Data

If your team wants to process and evaluate industry machine data, analyse process capabilities, create production documents or go paperless, Ellie has you covered. Achieve higher quality in shorter time. Automate and digitalise your processes now and make a step towards the industry 4.0



All data of industry machines is automatically extracted and validated by Ellies AI. The time of typos and other human errors is now over. Statistical analysis of the process makes it easy to create long-term stable production processes.

Quick Return On Investment

Easy to Integrate

Ellie is fully customisable. You are to decide how the data is given to Ellie and what exactly you want to receive. Excel sheets, PDF files, paperless version. All documents and results can be either printed or saved and shared digitally. Ellie will fit perfectly into your existing value chain.

Industry 4.0

Smart Data

Process evaluation, work progress, capacities, summary reports, material consumption and a lot more. Make use of these very valuable informations. On their own, or combined. Let the data work for you, so you have the best possible information to make the best possible decisions. Based on real data.

The time has come. The fourth industrial revolution has begun. Are you ready?